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I am excited and upbeat as I am connecting with you all through my my first blog in MEGA Impact site. I am passionate about writing blogs in general and quite active in this space at my workplace.

I thought I would expand my scope to share my perspectives and thoughts to more readers, using the dedicated page named ‘Blogs’ in MEGA Impact site. Not only that, we are also inviting you to share your thoughts and learning to larger group of readers who will be immensely benefitted from (y)our blogs.

“Sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge” — Ana Monnar

As you might be wondering about the title of this blog…. We in MEGA Impact have thoughtfully given the name H2O – Help Together for the Optimum. We intend to help each other through our blogs in the form of sharing as well as reading. Each one of us can contribute by a) writing blogs and/or b) by reading the blogs

Let me start here. This is something that I recently published in my workplace. Would like to share the same as it is relevant to anyone who reads and resonate it

When I was wishing some of my colleagues-turned-friends in WhatsApp group on the day of Children’s Day, i.e. Nov 14, I noticed the reaction from most of them that conveyed the message to me that they are no longer a ‘child’. In fact, some of them even replied back mentioning the same.

That’s when I replied back to them that there is a ‘child’ in each one of us, even when we are adults.  They could barely follow me, hence responded with ‘??!!’. My reply to him was ‘yes, there is; the only thing is, it is hidden, and we don’t want to disclose it’.  There was a silence in the group.  There could be two possibilities.  1) the entire group thought I was making ‘fun’ with them, hence chose to keep quiet and/or 2) they did not see my response.

Thanks to my mentor Uday who introduced the word ‘child-like’ to me few years back in one of his workshops.  I still remember how he was describing about being ‘child-like’.  

I am confident that each one of us would love to go back to our childhood days given a chance or if we have some magic wand with us .  Unfortunately, we don’t have the option . However, there is nobody in this world who can stop us to be ‘child-like’ – do you realize that? 

Some of you are smart and have already started to Google ‘what is child-like’! Some of you are starting to lose patience not knowing what it is!!  It is simple… Going by literal dictionary meaning, it is ‘an adult having the good qualities, such as innocence, associated with a child’.  

As we grow up, we start to become an ‘adult’ and completely miss the essence of ‘child’ that we had experienced and cherished in the beginning of our life.  I think it is not our fault; that’s what we had seen elders and parents in our family doing.  We are just following them.  We start to have all the traits of an ‘adult’ and start to behave like one ‘consciously’ and over a period of time it becomes part of our ‘unconscious’ me or you.  I won’t say it is wrong.

But, why are we carrying ‘memories’ only from our childhood life leaving the ‘good aspects’ from there?  

Let me give an example here to make it simple – I was a ‘curious’boy led to ask a ‘lot of questions’and ‘trying out new ways’as a result of it.   Is ‘curiosity’ not something I can continue to have till the end of my life so that I find my life interesting and challenging.  If I start to think that I should not be ‘curious’ and ‘ask questions’ as an ‘adult’ I end up creating a boundary within me ending up with routines and a transactional life.  

I am not trying to disgrace ‘adult’ here – please don’t get me wrong.  It is good to be ‘organized, structured, responsible, future-oriented, disciplined etc.’ which are few illustrative traits of being an ‘adult’.  However, in my view, it only keeps me ‘committed, busy, tired, mechanical etc.’than letting me to live my life with essence.  

Can I not be ‘child-like’ in my current day-to-day life? For example, can’t I start my day with

  • joy that I have got one more day extra in my life
  • the hope that I am going to learn something new today
  • some new learning from people around me 
  • some new challenges to make me stronger
  • some anticipation that I am going to meet new people in my life
  • believe that I am going to help someone
  • confidence that I am going to win today etc.

The list can go bigger and bigger as long as you want to make it that way.  

Please note: I have seen people getting confused between ‘childish’and ‘child-like’.  You might have started to guess what I intend to say here – ‘childish’ generally refers to some silly or immature behavior while ‘child-like’ is adding good traits of a child being an ‘adult’.I explained the above to my colleague-turned-participants in WhatsApp group, they felt ‘relieved’.  They asked me how do I practice ‘child-like’ in my day-to-day life.  I responded saying “I am an ‘adult’ when I focus on WHAT TO DOand I am ‘child-like’ when it comes to HOW TO DO IT

Let me end here for now…. Looking forward for your contributions to help more readers and yourself… Jaihind!

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