New Wish For 2020 !

Dear All,

Let me thank you first in anticipation that you would have invested time to go through my last blog titled H2O dated December 22, 2019.  

And, I would also like to wish you for an Enriching and Enabling 366 days in the year 2020.  I know this new year wish looks different than what you must be receiving and/or sending to others.  I did it deliberately – I am not keen to wish people only for the initial few days of the year 2020.  And, I want to wish differently as many others would have anyway wished you for them to be prosperous and happy.  So, let me be different – have an Enriching and Enabling 366 days in 2020 12.

“A good life is a collection of happy moments” by Denis Waitley

As we have just began to chart-out our individual wishes, dreams and resolutions for 2020, let us ‘pause’ for a while and look-back what 2019 has gifted to us.  Denis has beautifully captured it in his quote above; let us invest some time individually to reflect and recollect as to what made our life ‘good or great’ in the year 2019. 

While you can do self-introspection individually for yourself, let me quickly share few things here from my end.   I don’t mind doing it because I value this quote from Jane Porter: “Happiness is not perfected until it is shared”

  • On a personal space, 2019 has been a most significant year for me and few of my family members.  Almighty blessed us to perform a life-time duty called ‘hajj’ (pilgrimage) and this was ‘very satisfying & fulfilling’ experience for us.  
  • I have had fantastic 2019 meeting all the deliverables met including few successful job transition from North America
  • At work, I continue to lead and mentor a CSR project and this has been fulfilling for me, as always. 
  • Last but not the least, I have personally invested three days of learning on this topics. 1) Coaching-in-depth and 2) On Becoming & Being a Reflective Practitioner

Let me stop here though there are few more that can get added.  And, I have had few difficult and challenging times as well both in personal and work space.  I have been able to resolve some of them & some of them are still ‘continued’ and I trust I can handle them as it goes. 

If I have to step back and ask the question to myself ‘Did I plan to experience the year 2019 the way I mentioned above?’ The possible response could be YES or NO or PARTIALLY YES or I DON’T REALLY KNOW. I am not going to tell you my response here instead I would like each one of you to ask this question to yourself by reliving / re-experiencing your 2019.  Don’t worry about the response – there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ response.  But, it is important for us to know the ‘response’. 

Let me tell you rather ask you one more question – ‘How would you like to experience your life in the year 2020 in aspects such as personal, profession, social etc.?’  If you notice, I am consciously asking this question as a ‘open ended question’ as compared to the previous one which was ‘close ended’.  This is based on the learning I had from the two days workshop titled On Becoming & Being a Reflective Practitioner.   In a way, I am making you to ‘reflect’ on your past i.e. 2019 and ‘plan or prepare’ for your ‘present’, i.e. 2020. 

In a way, I did ‘reflect’ not just for 2019 but as a whole of my life as part of the workshop and it helped me a lot.  Really, a lot!  This also helped me to ‘prepare & plan’ for my future including the year 2020. 

I would love to experience the year 2020 as ‘enriching’ and ‘enabling’ for me!

If you take the dictionary meaning of ‘enrich’, it goes like this: ‘improve or enhance the quality or value of’ – Given the current demand @ both work and personal space,  I choose to take conscious steps to ‘enrich’ myself. It could be as simple as learning something new that I did not know before, strengthening / upgrading my current skills including soft-skills, being innovative etc. 

When it comes the word ‘enable’, it goes like this: ‘give means to do something’. For a layman understanding, I would put it this way – whatever the ‘enrichment’ I acquire or gain, I would make them as ‘enablers’ for me to make my 2020 more happier and meaningful. In other words, it is not just enough to keep ‘enriching’ myself. I must know how I can use them as ‘enabler’ to meet my goals / objectives.  

Based on my observation from the workshop I referred, almost all the participants were thinking on same lines and it makes lots of sense & it should be applicable to larger population out there.  This is why I wished you for Enriching and Enabling 366 days in the year 2020.  And, it is not just going to happen in a day or week or month.  It has to be consistent and conscious efforts from each one of you, in all 366 days of 2020. 

To summarize,

  1. Write down your quick reflection from the year 2019 (only high points both in personal & professional space)
  2. Respond for this question – How would you like to experience your life in the year 2020 in aspects such as personal, profession, social etc.?
  3. Do have an intention to ‘enrich’ and ‘enable’ yourself to make the answer for # 2 into reality

I would continue to share more tips & tools through blogs.  If you wish, please reach out to me directly.  I will be glad to take it forward.

I trust that you will Help Me To Help You!  In this way, let us Help Together for the Optimum.

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